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Donovan Storm - Taking Route 62 by Storm

Donovan is a happy, energetic waiter at Diesel & Creme, a popular restaurant situated right next to Route 62 in Barrydale. He’s had difficult times, but remains true to his identity as he continues to work hard and lives life to the fullest. He works full-time after also attending night school to obtain his matric certificate.

“The first owner there at the Dung Beetle Bar next door, he started training me as a waiter for the first time. I was actually working on a farm before then, so I decided to come this way and I was looking for a job, and he decided to give me that opportunity. Being a waiter is nicer, it’s nice to work with people. You meet nice people everyday. I started waitering when I was 23, two years ago.

“Before waitering, I worked on a fruit farm – it’s not in the pass, but it’s called Tradouw Pass as well. I was picking apples, and other fruit, cutting trees. It was hard labour actually, but it was nice there as well.  I was young when I went out of school in about 2007, so I didn’t finish matric. I just decided that I wanted to work for my own money. I was there at the farm at about 17 years old.

donovan storm garden rout 3
donovan storm garden route 2

"It was hard to work on the farm, it was hard for me to go out of school early. So I was disappointed in myself, actually, until now."

“It was hard to work on the farm, it was hard for me to go out of school early. So I was disappointed in myself, actually, until now – because I decided to apply to ABET, the night school. They give you three languages to do one year – it’s on for two years, the school, so afterwards you can pass and get your matric certificate. But work also keeps me busy and I like working here. The disappointment is actually gone. People keep me busy.

“As people know me, I’m gay and so on, and people are nice with me and they’re not turning their backs on me and stuff, and I like that. My viewpoint is, I like it here in Barrydale, because people are accepting us. So I don’t have to close my eyes or see if there’s somebody saying, ‘Ah, I don’t like gay people,’ you know, I’m here. I just go with the flow, that’s me. That’s my strong point, I just go with the flow.”

Photos by Katherine Cline

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