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Loretta de Moor - Coffee, fitness and being a mum

Loretta de Moor is a jack of all trades, juggling her ownership of the Fearless Café in Mossel Bay, being a single mum, marketing two guesthouses and running an online fitness program. Her kind smile and welcoming nature is clearly felt in Fearless, and her passion for coffee and food filled with love are obvious. Loretta and her daughter, Sammy, are passionate about being fit and healthy on top of all Loretta’s business ventures and extra activities they do together. Loretta has fine-tuned the art of multitasking since taking over the café.

“Before opening Fearless, I was being a mum and a jack of all trades. When I bought over the shop, I kept the name as Fearless Café because I think everybody has a different way of interpreting that word, ‘fearless’.

“For me, love conquers all fear, so everything that is made in the shop is made with love, whether it is the coffee or the breakfasts or lunches or deli food. It is also fearless to open up a coffee shop in a small town, as there are other shops already that have been positioned for many years. This one stands out because the building is in one of the Blue Shield Heritage sites of Mossel Bay, and it is central. You can come here, sip a great cup of tea, get welcomed with love and everything is made passionately. We share the knowledge of the town in love, generosity and kindness.

Loretta de Moor is a marketer and coffee shop owner in Mossel Bay, the Garden Route
Loretta de Moor and her daughter Sammy in Mossel Bay in the Garden Route

“While I was in Johannesburg, I knew I had to get out of the corporate industry to come back home, here. I had to be flexible for Sammy, my daughter, so I had to create something that allowed me to be just that."

“I grew up here in Mossel Bay, so I went to school here from grade one to matric. I am one of the golden oldies of the town. My parents have been here for over 31 years, so they are well established. But like we do when we leave school, we go fly, and I went to Cape Town for six and a half years and to Johannesburg for ten. While I was in Johannesburg, I knew I had to get out of the corporate industry to come back home, here. I had to be flexible for Sammy, my daughter, so I had to create something that allowed me to be just that.

“Staying fit and healthy is very important, so that is why I created Ultimate Woman. It is online, which I can do in the mornings. It entails weight loss programs and training for women. That keeps my health side intact and in balance. Not every woman can look like Heidi Klum, but they can look the best that they can be.

“Now, Sammy and I go to netball practice and she will say, ‘Ok, let’s warm up, girls’. She will get them doing some jumping jacks and funny things because that is what we do at home. I wanted to send the message to women that they might not be there yet but if they just look after themselves, then they can be the best version of themselves – not someone else. That is the motivation that I wanted to help women with, to look after themselves.

Loretta de Moor is a dynamic woman and a single mum to Sammy, her daughter, in Mossel Bay.

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